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  • Product Name: Outdoor unit ZDL-980C93R
  • Product Mode: ZDL-980C93R

Multi-home: Video door phone
Color video door phone
From 5 to 9,999 homes on a single outdoor station

Monitor/Decoder:8-wire connector CAT-5,Max.100m
Outdoor station/Decoder:8-wire connector CAT-5,Max.100m
Station/Power supply:2×1.0mm² - Max.50m
Decoder/Power supply:2×1.0mm² - Max.50m

4.3-inch,7-inch and 8.3-inch Hands-free”Monitors:
Screen size:4.3-inch / 7-inch / 8.3-inch
Number of ring tones: 25 melodies
Settings (volume,brightness,contrast and color)
Control button for e-lock

Surface or flush-mounted
Outdoor station:
Color: Silver/Golden
Rain-shield included with model ZDL-980C72R
Lens:92°,infrared diodes, HD camera 700TVL
Keypad:used to select a flat and to operate access controls
LCD screen:displays the number of the flats

Power supply: Input : 230V~ Output: 18V~

Decoder: Number of ports:4, for 4 monitors OR 8, for 8 monitors

Additional monitor(up to 9,999 homes)
Additional decoder (1 decoder for 4/8 monitors)
Additional power supply for 1+ monitors (capable of powering 20 monitors)