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  • Product Name: Audio doorphone system ZDL-327R
  • Product Mode: ZDL-327R

Audio doorphone system

Audio entry systems for apartment buildings
Direct call entry systems;
Use for 4 to max 999 apartments;
Two way intercom between outdoor unit and indoor handset;
Door lock Released;
Easy operation;
choosable different indoor Handset;
One power supply;
white box packing.


Technique Parameter
Input Voltage : AC220V
Output Voltage: DC12V (10.8-16V)
Dissipation : Stand by < 0.5W ,Woking <5W
Talk time delay: 120S



Cable :
Main cable: RVV3*0.5mm (Less than 10 floors)
                  RVV3*0.75mm(More than 10 floors)
                  RVV3*1.0mm(More than 20 floors)
                  RVV3*1.5mm(More than 30 floors)
Room cable:RVV2*0.3mm


Material - casting alloy surface shell, waterproof metal buttons, internal high strength PC

architecture, double shell design.
So a selection of material in order to not only beautiful, the more durability and climate

Its rugged design and sealing, in any climate, ensure operation reliability and durability.
Waterproof metal buttons, laboratory prove that it can withstand 5,000,000 times within

48 hours of pressure testing, can be used for 50 years.