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  • Product Name: Window intercom ZDL-9908
  • Product Mode: ZDL-9908

Ideal for the bank, securities, 

hospital, bus station etc. where guard glass again theft is installed

Auto dual-way intercommunication without 

pressing any button.

External speaker, slim fit design.

Anti-interference and noise -free function.

Dual-way andio record output.

1. Streamline design, main unit is made of luxurious aluminum alloy and internal microphone for the extension. One-cable connection and simple installation

2. High quality speaker for main unit and extension, high sensitive microphone, longer metal tube microphone for dual-way intercommunication

3. Adjustable volume with separate switch.

4. Auto dual-way intercommunication without pressing any button

5. Double-track adjustment with indicating light

6. Spare record jack for the bank


1. Power input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 

2. Power output: DC12V 1000mA

3. Working voltage: DC 12V/1A

4. Peak output: 2×3W (Max)

5. Working current: 290mA

6. Frequency response: 100Hz - 12KHz

7. Inside microphone: -42dB  

8. Outside microphone: -42dB

9. Exterior size: 158 × 87× 46mm

                             78 × 20mm