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  • Product Name: Audio doorphone ZDL-3208DD
  • Product Mode: ZDL-3208DD

1. Two way intercom, one way call and lock function
2. Two wire connection
3. With a new ABS plastic, durable
4. Excellent consumer side of the tone circuit, intercom voice clarity
5. Effective distance of 300 meters above intercom
6. Easy installation easy use
MOQ: 10CTN ( 100Set )

1. Audio distortion rate of 50mW
2. Talk time: unlimited, free calls
3. Input voltage: AC220V 50Hz, Output voltage: AC12V 1200mA
4. Frequency response: 300 ~ 3400HZ
5. Working voltage: DC12V
6. Power consumption: static <0.2W, call status <2W